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Retail Products

  • Asava Arishta
    Our company is a credible Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Asava Arishta from Uttar Pradesh, India. Asava Arishta is a medicinal preparation made by soaking the drugs, either in powder form or in the form of decoction (kasaya), in a solution of sugar or jaggery. The mixture undergoes a
  • Bhasma and Pishti
    bhasmas & pishti are basically the incinerated/calcined products of the different metals and their use in curing different ailments dates back to 2nd century in samhita period. But with the formal introduction of the rasa sastra by the siddha acharyas like nagarjun and its further elaboration
  • Parpati
    Parpati literally means crust. They are called so because of their typical crust like appearance. It is the introduction of the parpati by pioneer of indian pharmaceutics acharya nagarjuna in his treatise rasendra mangal written in 8th century himself for treatment of obstinate skin disorders that
  • Precious Bhasma
    In Indian pharmacopeia the precious Ratnas i.e. precious stones, Moti are supposed to be capable of binding with mercury. As therapeutic agents they are supposed to stabilize the body and delay the ageing process in addition to curing a number of somatic and psychic diseases. While astrologically
  • Kupipakva Rasayana
    Kupipakva Rasayana was introduced in Ayurvedic therapeutics way back in thirteenth century. a  Kupia stands for fireproof bottles, a  Pakvaa stands for prepared by using fire, a Rasaa stands for mercury & a  Ayanaa stands for abode. So Kupipakva Rasayanas are in fact the special
  • Kharaliya Rasayan and Gutika
    kharliya rasayanas form is the largest group of herbo- mineral ayurvedic therapeutic agents. Most of them have the kajja prepared by triturating mercury and sulphur together in a crucible by mortar. Being exclusively prepared in crucibles they have been called kharliya. These drugs are prepared by
  • swarn yog
    Gold preparations or Swarn Yog are the precious Ayurvedic therapeutic agents which have the gold as one of their contents. Gold is being used both in its natural form an in form of Bhasma i.e. incinerated form as per need. Swarn Yog is being used by Ayurvedic physicians as ambrosia since
  • Guggul Yog
    guggul yog is a sanskrit word which literally means one that protects from the diseases. It is in fact an oleoresin which is secreted from plant comniphora mukul under the influence of the sunrays in summers and then solidifies in winters which is then harvested for various purposes. It itself
  • Lauh and Mandur
    Lauh & Mandur are the classical Indian herbo-mineral products that have Lauh Bhasma (incinerated iron) or Mandur Bhasma (Incinerated iron oxide) as one of their prime ingredients. They are considered to be rejuvenators of the rakta dhatu (Blood) which itself is considered to be one of the seven

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