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What Are The Benefits Of Using The Precious Swarna Bhasma?

Posted by Admin on January, 10, 2020

Swarna Bhasma, also is known as Gold Calyx, is defined in Ayurveda as a substance that is obtained by the process of calcination. Calcination is the process in which a metal or a gem is converted into ash or better known as Bhasma. Swarna Bhasma contains around 90% pure gold particles.

The particles are in a crystalline form in size of 28-35 nanometre. Swarna and Bhasma mix with Herbs are used to treat manyillnesses and get you rid of many dangerous diseases. There are several precious Bhasma Manufacturers in India which will get you this Swarna Bhasma.

In this article, you will get to know about the benefits that you can have through the precious Bhasma.

It treats different kinds of heart diseases

The Swarna Bhasma helps your blood to flow to your heart very well which prevents further heart diseases like myocardial Ischemia. This also increases the blood circulation in the body and heart and keeps your heart muscle and heart in good condition for a lifetime and gives it strength. Also, it has properties to detoxify the blood and cleanses the coronary arteries. Therefore, Swarna Bhasma helps you to get rid of any kind of heart disease and also prevents it.

Get rid of tuberculosis

The Swarna Bhasma has medicinal properties that are anti-toxin, antimicrobial and antiviral effects on the body that helps in fighting against Tuberculosis. It acts like a strong anti-bacterial agent that helps to kill the tuberculosis bacilli that is responsible for causing the disease Tuberculosis. It also affects in the early stages of Tubercolisis when the disease has just started spreading and taking its shape. Therefore get Swarna Bhasma from the best Swarna Bhasma manufacturer in India and get rid of tuberculosis or TB before it gets too late.

Helps in getting rid of mental disorders

This precious Bhasma has several properties that reduce inflammation from the brain. It helps in symptoms such as insensitivity, burning sensation in the whole body, weeping like a child, hitting feet and hands against the wall, unable to bear any kind of sound, irritation and much more. It makes your memory strong and enhances concentration. Therefore, consuming this Swarna Bhasma is beneficial. It also helps one to get rid of depression and stress. So, if you are suffering from any of the diseases or if your loved one is having any such issues, suggest them or get them this Bhasma.

It even treats your dry cough problem

The Swarna Bhasma helps you to get rid of the wheezing sound that is produced if you are having a dry cough problem. This removes the Sputum from your lungs and helps you to breathe properly. Therefore, if dry cough is creating trouble in your life, then it’s better to get this Bhasma as soon as possible for use.

The Swarna Bhasma and Moti Bhasma suppliers in India provide the best Bhasma for use and reduce all your problems. Above were some of the benefits of using Swarna Bhasma, and there are much more.

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