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Swarn Yog Manufacturer In India – Its Multiple Health Benefits

Posted by Admin on October, 20, 2022

Swarn Yog is a metallic medicinal preparation extensively used in Ayurveda paediatrics. The main ingredients of Swarn Yog are Swarna prashan (gold nanoparticle), gou ghrita (cow ghee), madhu (honey), and other medhya dravyas (drugs which enhance intellectual, memory). Rendering to the Indian classical text, Swarn Yog has been planned as a potent medicine for immunotherapies and vaccine growth due to its indefinite size, shapes, charges, and surface functionality. In this article, we define the plausible mechanism of Swarn Yog in dendritic cell maturation and subsequent T cell activation. To get the proper benefit of this ayurvadic medicine you should purchase it from a reliable Swarn Yog Manufacturer in India.

Mode of Action Swarn Yog

Swarna bhasma within the Swarn Yog has oiling and unctuous effect on the body, as its madhura helps as rasayana, and through cleansing can treat vishamjwara, antra jwara (Enteric fever), weakness, etc. Methodically, it has been proved that swarna bhasma also owns antioxidant, antidepressant, anti-cancerous, antibacterial, and anti-rheumatoid property and acts as a nerve stimulant

What are the benefits of Swarn Yog?

Bala vardhan:

Advances strength and resistance, thus preventing frequent illnesses like colds, coughs, fever etc.

Ayush Vardhan:

Helps develop a healthy life span.

Medha Vardhan:

Better intelligence also progresses memory power and oratory skills.

Agni Vardha:

Increases appetite and digestion.


Progresses complexion and imparts a healthy glow.


Upsurges Sarvadaihik Shukra which expands energy and vigor in children.

Apart from the above advantages it also develops intellect, grasping power, memory, and focus in studies and certifies proper physical and psychological development.

Suggested Dosage / How to Use Swarn Yog :

What is the dose per age?

Ayurvedic classics advise Swarn Yog from the time of birth till 16 years of age. Conferring to Kashyap Samhita, it is most helpful when given daily.

One tablet of Swarn Yog comprising 2n mg Suvarna Bhasma should be given to children daily along with cow’s ghee or any other appropriate anupan right from birth till sixteen years of age. Otherwise, use Swarna Maha Yog as recommended by your Ayurveda physician rendering on your child’s age, body physique and illness if any.

Directions for using Swarn Yog

Consume a tablet of Swarna yog. Fill the measurement spoon with boiled and cooled water up to the given mark (1.5 ml). Place the tablet in the water and let it dissolve. It only takes around 20-30 seconds.

Then mix a suitable quantity of honey and medicated ghee in it, mix mildly and administer it to the child.

Side Effects of the Swarn Yog

Occasionally due to the smell of medicine and varieties of tastes, babies may vomit it. Excluding this, no other side effects have been stated. To date, there are no published research data accessible regarding its safety and efficacy. But there are rare studies presented in national and international seminars/conferences, which support its safety and effectiveness. Also, some animal studies support its safety and efficacy.

Qualities of a Swarn Yog Manufacturer in India

Supplying Quality products

Equipped with Expert professionals

Having a large production capacity

Maintaining Customer-oriented approach

Wide distribution network

Market competitive costs

On-time delivery

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