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Ayurvedic Parpati: Types & Uses

Posted by Admin on October, 30, 2019

Ayurvedic parpati is well-known for its effectiveness among its worldwide users. Parpati suppliers in India prepare this Ayurvedic medicine by mixing sulphur and cleaned mercury. Manufacturers may often add other drugs too into this mixture for preparing other combinations according to new chemical formulas. Ayurveda demands for heating all the ingredients together to achieve the by-product, and for that certain Ayurvedic principles need to be followed. This is continued until the complete mass gets the cocktail form as it signifies a perfect mixture is formed.

Types of Parpati:

Parpati is anti-bacterial because it includes sulfur and mercury in it. Ayurvedic parpati is generally found in four different categories which are-

1. Bol Parpati

2. Kshar Parpati

3. Panchamrit Parpati

4. Swarna Parpati

Bol Parpati –

The major use of this Ayurvedic drug remains in the treatment of bleeding disorders. It s prepared using several minerals and herbal products. It helps in balancing pitta and rakta doshas.

Bol parpati includes shuddha parade, shuddha gandhak and bola. It is used –

• In treating bleeding problems

• As a uterine tonic

• As an astringent

• To cure piles

• In keeping menstrual cycles healthy

• For the goodness of the digestive system

• To balance the rakta and pitta doshas

• To cure menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, etc. bleeding problems related to nose, anal, oral, etc.

• To cure piles and dysentery related bleeding issues

Kshar Parpati –

Ayurvedic medicine is used to treat the difficulties in dyspepsia, urination, and urinary calculi. It is also known as Shweta parpati. It helps in balancing vata and pitta doshas.

You should follow the doctor’s advice before taking its doses. Normally 125-500 mg is prescribed in each dose and usually, you need to take it for 1-2 months long for best results.

Kshar parpati includes surya kshara (potassium nitrate), sphatika (potash ash) and Navasadara (ammonium chloride). All these ingredients are rounded together in a mud vessel to get heated up. When they get melted together poured on a plain surface to form white thin cakes of parpati.

Panchamrit Parpati –

This Ayurvedic drug also contains a few particular mineral and herbal elements. It is used to treat malabsorption syndrome, vomiting, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, anorexia, fever, phthisis, emaciation, muscle wasting, nasal bleeding, menorrhagia, eye disorders, oligospermia, senility, etc. Ayurveda recommends the use of this medicine only under professional supervision.

Doctors generally prescribe 125 – 250 mg parpati once/ twice every day. For a better result, you can take it with powder of fried cumin seeds, ghee, honey, and warm water.

Swarna Parpati –

Like other parpatis, it too includes some effective herbal and mineral products. It treats mainly respiratory and sexual health-related problems. It contains parade (mercury), gandhaka (sulphur) and Swarna bhasma (gold dust).

It effectively treats oligospermia, intestinal colic, tuberculosis, etc. Swarna parpati is a natural aphrodisiac. It helps in balancing Kapha, vata and pitta doshas. For better results, you can take it with powder of fried cumin seeds, ginger, and honey.

India is the mother of Ayurveda so when you buy parpati from this country you the best products for your health. Get wholesale parpati in India at the best prices.

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